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The Great Geek Giveaway Contest

book flat_300On Monday, FWR will publish Sophie Powell’s review of Ethan Gilsdorf‘s memoir-adventure hybrid Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks. In the meantime, this contest on the author’s website sounds fun. Click on that link for all the details, but here’s a snippet:

What is your geekiest secret? Your freakiest fandom moment? Your most embarrassing gaming gaffe? In a brief essay, photo or video, we want you to spill the beans.

The folks at Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks Headquarters want to know about that time you stalked your favorite Star Trek celebrity to a coffee shop, made a pilgrimage to a fantasy movie location, watched an entire season of Battlestar Galactica in one sitting,* cooked a hobbit feast for your friends, or waited in line at midnight to buy a new video game. Or perhaps you have a photo of yourself posing with your fave SF/fantasy celebrity. Or perhaps you’ll shoot a video tribute to your geek lover, or give us a video tour of your collection of Star Wars Pez dispensers. Whatever the geeky, gamer, or freakish tick or obsession, we want to see, read, and watch it.

Among offerings on a long list of prizes are Harry and the Potters CDs and T-shirts, rare original “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from the 80s, and signed copies of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks.

*[Confession: The boyfriend and I actually have watched an entire season (2) of Battlestar Galactica in one sitting, all in the name of being caught up before Season 3 started. Aaron took the day off work. We woke at a ridiculous hour, put our phones on vibrate, and ordered in our meals. I vaguely recall –deep into that 20-hour haze– dashing down the stairs in my pjs and hurling twenties at the bewildered delivery man from Red Bamboo. Did I mean to give him a 50% tip? “Sorry! It’s not a commercial!” I yelled (by way of terrible explanation) over my shoulder. I rarely even watch television, let alone get so addicted; the only shows to trump my Battlestar obsession were Buffy and The Wire. But oh, I’m still trying to forget that loathsome BSG finale. And that $20.]

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