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Short Story Month 2010: The Collection Giveaway Project

Inspired by the Emerging Writers Networkwho dubbed May as Short Story Month again this year–and the Poetry Book Giveaway for National Poetry Month, Fiction Writers Review is excited to propose a community effort by lit bloggers to raise attention for short story collections: Short Story Month 2010: The Collection Giveaway Project. Warm thanks to Erika Dreifus (The Practicing Writer), who suggested FWR as a home for this project, and who will be joining the cause.

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To participate in Short Story Month 2010: The Giveaway Project:

  • (1) This month, post an entry on your blog recommending a recently published short story collection (or two, or three).
    The post can be long or short, a review or merely a rave. The one requirement is that you, the blogger, have read and loved the book(s) in question.
  • (2) Offer a copy of the book (or each book) as a giveaway to one lucky person who comments on your blog.
    You can choose the winner through a drawing, or by the wittiness of his/her remarks, or by whatever criteria you choose. For FWR’s posts (we’ll have three giveaways), we’re asking readers to tell us about (or at least the name of) a collection they love or one they’re looking forward to reading. Comments that don’t mention a specific collection will not be eligible for the drawing.
  • [NOTE for blogger-authors: You can absolutely give away a copy of your own collection–but in an effort to keep this as much about community as publicity, please also offer to give away a second book that isn’t one of yours.]

  • (3) Announce the winner(s) on May 31, 2010, and arrange to send out copies of any books you are giving away.

If you’re participating, drop us an email at to let us know. We’ll add you to the list of participating blogs/sites and link to you from this frequently updated page on our site.

So far, participating bloggers include:

Fiction Writers Review: Anne Stameshkin / Giveaway: If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This by Robin Black.

Practicing Writing: Erika Dreifus / Giveaways: Who I Was Supposed to Be by Susan Perabo and The Pale of Settlement by Margot Singer

Fiction Writers Review: Celeste Ng / Giveaway: Southern Cross by Skip Horack

Fiction Writers Review: Lee Thomas / Giveaway: Short People by Joshua Furst

Replacement Blog: The Replacement Press / Giveaway: If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home by John Jodizo

Fiction Writers Review: Jeremiah Chamberlin / Giveaway: What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us

Before There Were Children: Lucy Blue / Giveaway: Going Away Shoes by Jill McCorkle

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