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Thursday morning candy: Smokelong Quarterly

Here’s where my November resolution to read War and Peace over the last two weeks of December begins to look like so much bluster and brim. I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions for this very reason: the likelihood of failure feels like the hulking beast perched atop the crumbling overhang of the dainty little ledge where I contemplate things like “finish two stories a month.” BUT, have I got an easy resolution for you: in 2011, read more flash fiction.

cold_coffeeWhat’s not to love? You can finish reading it before your coffee gets cold, you can make a snap judgment whether you like it or not, you could even write and finish a story during the same time you could lose into the black hole of something like … say … that Simpsons episode you’ve seen 7 times already. It’s almost the new year, why not get a jump on it now? Smokelong Quarterly is an online lit magazine that features stories under 1,000 words. That’s right, shorty short. Don’t even try to use your merry-making ways as an excuse, these stories are so short and punchy reading one is like a miracle cure for December lethargy.* You’re welcome.

*No actual curative powers claimed with this statement.

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