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Write Place, Write Time

Image: Write Place, Write Time

Image: Write Place, Write Time

Write Place, Write Time offers a peek into different writers’ workspaces. Above, the writing spot of novelist Heidi Durrow.

Here’s the ridiculously cool workspace of writer Alan Heathcock (seriously, I can’t believe this exists–read the whole post; I promise it’s worth it):

Image: Write Place, Write Time

Image: Write Place, Write Time

Heathcock writes:

My writing studio is a 1967 Roadrunner travel trailer that for most of its life was an Idaho State Police surveillance vehicle, and is now packed with books and trophies and random oddities. Inside, there’s old beautiful wood paneling, which smells like woods and feels like wood and feels cozy and connects me with reality. […]

And here’s the somewhat unorthodox workspace of Elif Batuman:

Image via Write Place, Write Time

Image via Write Place, Write Time

Batuman explains:

Finding the right workspace, for me, involved a lot of trial and error. In the end, this workspace turned out to be in some undergrowth.

It might not look luxurious, but there’s room for everything I need: a cup of tea, a reference volume or two, a spiral notebook and pen, and of course my IMAGINATION. I just scooch down there in the peat and let her go wild. […]

Because most people tend to spend their time in cars and buildings and such, places like hedges and shrubbery are usually pretty underpopulated, so you can get plenty of peace and quiet. On the other hand, people walk past bushes all the time, having their conversations and arguments and whatnot—so if you get stuck for dialogue or characterization, why, all you have to do is sit tight and keep your ears open!

Now, get thee to thine own workspace, and have a productive weekend.

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