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New Audio Lit Mag: The Drum

drum.jpgThe Drum is a new online literary magazine that bills itself as “a literary magazine for your ears.” Founded and edited by writer Henriette Lazaridis Power, The Drum features short fiction and essays, read aloud by the authors. According to the journal’s website, the goal is to provide literature in portable, sharable, audio form:

Each of The Drum’s ten annual issues brings you new literature you can weave into your daily life. Listen online or download the audio to listen to on your mp3 player and/or to share with up to five friends. Use our tags to choose a story as long as a dog-walk, or an essay that will last you for your ride to work. You can send a friend a humor piece to lighten her day, or you can pass on a serious piece to spark discussion.

The Drum‘s first issue includes short fiction by Aimee Loiselle, Bret Anthony Johnston, E. B. Moore, and Elinor Teele, as well as novel excerpts—of both released and forthcoming novels—by Randy Susan Meyers, Jenna Blum, and Mameve Medwed. Each piece is helpfully tagged as an essay, short fiction, or novel excerpt and categorized by length—under ten minutes, under twenty minutes, etc. A few pieces are designated as premium content, and available only to subscribers, but most are free, and all are available to download for a small fee ($2) once they’ve moved to the site’s archives. Upcoming issues will include work by Lauren Grodstein, Lynne Barrett, Maud Casey, and FWR‘s own contributing editor Celeste Ng.

To learn more about The Drum, or to find out how to submit your own work, visit the journal’s FAQ page.

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