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Thursday Morning Candy: Fogged Clarity

Founded in 2009, Fogged Clarity is an online, non-profit arts review that incorporates visual art and music in addition to fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, reviews, and original multimedia content. The “Fogged Clarity Sessions,” for instance, feature musicians visiting the studio to record several tracks, mostly acoustic.

Writes executive editor Ben Evans:

I have always believed that the most important thing a human being can do is create, and if creation is the whispering of personal truths into the commotion of existence, then I established Fogged Clarity to make those whispers a little more audible.

The combination of visual art, music, and the written word is something that could only happen in the digital age. But, although Fogged Clarity is primarily an online review, it has recently put out its first print collection. Visit the site, read their blog, or follow them on Twitter—there’s lots of great content, in several media, to explore.

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