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Thursday morning candy: Storyglossia


In honor of the online literary community, which we discussed this week in Celeste’s blog post about Virtual Book Tours and my interview with flash fiction maven Meg Pokrass, we’d like to feature online literary journal Storyglossia this Thursday morning.

“Storyglossia” is a term coined by Editor Steven J. McDermott, with an impressive etymological explanation on the Storyglossia site, which you can read here. Their first online issue debuted in March 2003, and since then 41 issues of the journal have gone up – every one of which you can peruse on their easily-navigable site. In addition to Meg Pokrass, Storyglossia has published stories by Matt Bell, Benjamin Percy, Laura van den Berg, Julee Newberger, and Sung J. Woo – among many, many others.

One of the things I love about browsing their author index is finding and reading stories by the same writer over time – what was X writing in 2004? In 2009? It’s interesting to see a vision progress, and encouraging to see a place where writers want to return with work again and again. From flash fiction to 5,000-word tales, one of the things Storyglossia delights in is being the first to publish a writer’s fiction. So sift through the goldmine of stories on the site, and then get to work – it could be your name on the contributor’s list for issue 43.

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