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Thursday morning candy: The Drum

Reading alone, as the downtown train arrives

Image credit: Flickr - Ed Yourdon

Those who take public transportation get to read during their commutes every day. But what about those who have to drive?

Here’s one solution: The Drum, an online audio literary magazine, which bills itself as “a literary magazine for your ears.” Issues feature short stories, essays, and novel excerpts, all available to stream or to download to the device of your choice. Most content is free access; individual pieces are available for purchase after they’ve been on the site for three months.

Recently, The Drum also formed a partnership with audio publisher Iambik:

Being in the business of audio literature, The Drum has partnered up with Iambik Audiobooks to bring you selected first chapters from their collection. Iambik publishes audiobooks from the best small presses, like Coffee House Press, McSweeney’s, Soho Press, and others.

Those of you on the East Coast—or in the Midwest—you know your commute will be slow and snowy tomorrow. Visit The Drum, upload to your MP3 player, and be prepared for the next traffic jam.

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