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You say Tomato, I say tomahto. You say paper, I say ebook

Old technology meets new technology

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Literature can bring people together—but it can also cause romantic tensions. Reports the New York Times:

For Erin and Daniel Muskat, a couple in Brooklyn, the ink-stained quarrel has disrupted the togetherness of their reading habits.

Ms. Muskat, 29, bought an iPad for her husband, 33, who works at his family’s shoe business, before their honeymoon in June, but quickly discovered that his electronic reading impinged on her old-fashioned reading.

“I brought a book with me and I barely read it,” said Ms. Muskat, a media consultant. “We used to go to the beach and we’d both take out books, but he had an iPad, and it was almost distracting because it didn’t feel like he was reading with me.”

As long as couples find themselves disagreeing on how they like to read, publishers may just have to (gasp!) keep producing both paper and e- books.

Do you and your significant other spar over which format(s) you prefer?

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