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Hi there; we are Fiction Writers Review We’ve been fueled entirely by donated time, work and funds since FWR was founded in 2008, and in that time we’ve created thousands of articles, reviews, interviews, and original works — everything in our rich archive, and we’re not stopping here (read more about how we’re getting writers and readers talking…). So, do you come here often? If you’re an avid reader (writers included), you’re enjoying FWR, and you happen to be a wealthy philanthropist, we’d love to tell you how to donate your extensive estate to FWR upon your demise. Step right […]

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Thank you for supporting Fiction Writers Review! Fiction Writers Review is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a public forum for conversations about the craft of fiction, literature, and the writing life. In an age where fiction coverage is an endangered species, Fiction Writers Review brings fiction back into the conversation. Because fiction matters! Fiction Writers Review is the only non-profit organization dedicated to exploring fiction with the same devotion to depth of craft as the authors who create it. Your financial contribution allows us to continue this mission, serving emerging writers, professional authors, and readers alike, […]