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So you’re not at AWP right now, and you’re wondering what kind of highjinks you’re missing?   I can promise you, you’re not missing anything as fun as the sessions on Full Stop’s mock AWP schedule, which I must confess looks way more exciting than the original. Here are the sessions I’d be attending at this alterna-AWP:

4 Over 400: The Gutenberg Problem.
Noted grimoire authors Merlin, Gandalf, Conor MacLeod, and Albus Dumbledore discuss the potentially disastrous consequences of printing presses. Will the grimoire survive this radical new development in publishing? How should scroll hawkers best adapt to the new market? What to do with all that unused vellum?

Haiku D’etat. Over the past eight months, the Arab world has been engulfed in popular uprisings. Our panelists ask, how would things change if, instead of marching or occupying public land, the protesters updated their Facebook statuses with haikus?

Divining the Novel. Basic forms of divination (omens, portents, cleromancy, augury, etc.) and tips on “receiving” your novel from the spirit realm are covered. Were you aware that the opening paragraph of Pride and Prejudice is a product of belomancy? Also covered: counterhexing your astral Editor.

And much, much more at Full Stop.

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