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Library Love

Lots of love for libraries recently. First, The Old Spice Guy (yeah, that Old Spice Guy) hilariously celebrates libraries in his typical stream-of-consciousness, non-sequitur fashion:

(Confused? It’s part of a social media campaign in which the Old Spice Guy answers questions from fans, explains GalleyCat.)

Next, a dead-on parody of the Old Spice commercial encourages students to study… in the library. The video was produced by the Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Production Crew of Brigham Young University.

Finally, NPR suggests that libraries might be the next big pop-culture wave (after cupcakes). After a Chicago Fox News segment suggested libraries were a “waste of tax money” (“They eat up millions of your hard earned tax dollars.[… W]ith the internet and e-books, do we really need millions for libraries?”), the Chicago Public Library Commissioner offered an open-letter smackdown, Vanity Fair shot back a sharp retort, and even the UK’s Guardian covered the story. Why are libraries suddenly “hot” again? Read the NPR essay to find out.

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