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The Mystery of Sherlock Holmes: The Pleasure and Nuisance of an Enduring Character

Why do we love Sherlock Holmes? The famed detective nearly sent his creator off the deep end, and has been the object of countless films, odes, debates, letters, and pilgrimages over the past century. Through the lens of Graham Moore’s new novel, The Sherlockian, Lee Thomas muses on the problem of writing a character who outstrips his creator, and what makes us return to Doyle’s great detective again and again.

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Every Line Matters: In Memory of Barry Hannah (1942-2010)

This morning I woke to hear the sad news that Barry Hannah had died. He was 67, and the apparent cause was a heart attack, according to the Jackson Free Press. Barry had had several bouts with cancer over the last ten years, yet I was still shocked to hear that he was gone. I guess I’d come to think of him as oddly invincible.