Suspend Your Disbelief

Andrew Felsher


Andrew Felsher is a writer based in New York City. His fiction, essays, and poetry have appeared in São Paulo Review, Ligeia MagazineAction, Spectacle, and other publications. He’s the Editor of 128 Lit


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On Literary References

Countless writers aspire to contribute something lasting to literature. We labor over drafts. We seek innovative forms. We push ourselves to evoke particularities in tone, plot, character, circumstance, and word choice. Yet in these various pursuits, we might overlook what also endures: literary references.

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On Strangeness

“Whether a novel is set in motion by a strange event, has an incredulous premise, or is riddled with bizarre scenes and interactions, they all demand a compelling response that aligns with the physics of the fictive world.” Andrew Felsher on how strangeness in fiction can illuminate and reveal.