Suspend Your Disbelief

Denise Delgado


Denise Delgado is a Miami-based writer, curator, and artist. Her fiction has been broadcast on NPR station WLRN and has appeared in Inch, Dossier,the Cent Journal Series, the Selected Collective: Poetry, Prose and Projects from the Miami Poetry Collective, Jai-Alai Magazine, the monograph forFrances Trombly: Paintings, and Tigertail, A South Florida Annual: Florida Flash. Her arts practice includes teaching, residencies, and community projects with arts organizations, libraries, schools, community centers, prisons, and museums throughout South Florida. She received an MA in Media Studies from The New School and an MFA in fiction from Warren Wilson College. Denise teaches writing at Miami-Dade College, works as curatorial consultant for the Miami-Dade Public Library System’s Vasari Project Archive, and is Writer-in-Residence for Girls’ Club Collection, an exhibition space and private foundation dedicated to contemporary art by women. She is currently working on A Wig in the Duplex, a collection of short stories set in Florida. Three books she recommends to people she loves are The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño,Daybook by Anne Truitt, and The Time of the Doves by Mercé Rodoreda.


Reviews |

The Secret in Their Eyes, by Eduardo Sacheri

Popular Argentinian writer Eduardo Sacheri has said that “writing is a special way to read.” In this review of The Secret in Their Eyes, Denise Delgado explores the similarities and differences between Sacheri’s first novel and the Academy-Award winning film adaptation he helped write.