Suspend Your Disbelief

Emily Schultze


Emily Schultze is a writer from Brooklyn who now lives in Chicago. Her writing has appeared in The Urbaness, HYPERTEXT Magazine, Hair Trigger 34, Gapers Block, Every Day Fiction, The Cadaverine Magazine, By The Overpass, and others, as well as winning various awards. Emily graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Fiction Writing. She now works as Marketing Assistant for indie press Elephant Rock Books. Visit her at


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Sitting on Nails and Staring at the Wall: An Interview with Jacob M. Appel

“Could Biology take place anywhere but New York?” Emily Schultze asks Jacob M. Appel about his new novel, The Biology of Luck, a modern-day take on Ulysses. “No,” Appel replies. “In my psychotic moments I thought maybe I’d put it in Dublin, but then I always came to my senses.”