Suspend Your Disbelief

Jesse Hassenger


Jesse Hassenger grew up in Saratoga, NY, and currently lives in Brooklyn. His work has appeared in, on, and around PopMatters, Dirt, PulpLit,Pindelyboz, the L Magazine, and He enjoys many things, including pie.


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Bottomless Belly Button, by Dash Shaw

Without the need for description, and with the supposed thousand words per illustration, graphic novelists are allowed quiet moments of focus that might be dull or ponderous–or even nigh-impossible–to convey with straight prose. In Bottomless Belly Button, cartoonist Dash Shaw takes this technique to an extreme, decompressing what might typically, in prose form, be material for a short story or a novella into 700 pages of evocative panels: three grown siblings reunite at their childhood home after learning that their elderly parents have decided to split up.