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Coolest Bookcases

Spotted on the Huffington Post: a gallery of 11 awesome bookcases. Most are designer prototypes, but a few (like the “Sticklebook” invisible bookshelf) are for sale, and you can make the upside-down one yourself. (drool…)

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co-muse-ing: We Are the Friction

Lee just sent me this link (from DesignSponge) about We Are the Friction, a new book featuring stories by twenty-four authors and illustrations by twenty-four artists. But this is no typical collection: its contributors were paired up specifically to inspire work from each other…to illustrate a writer’s story or put words to an artist’s illustration. This is the second book project from UK-based Sing Statistics‘ co-editors (and contributors) Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart, who describe We Are the Friction as “an erratic, eclectic collection of work that takes in space travel, Japanese deities, monster husbandry, and the Marx Brothers. We […]