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First comes (book-related) love, then comes (book-related) marriage, then comes…

Here on the FWR blog, we’ve discussed how literature can find you love–through online dating sites for book-lovers or in person through speed-dating in libraries. (Hey, even the New York Times picked up on it!) But what do you do AFTER you’ve found love? Well, boys and girls: 1. Sometimes when two bookworms love each other very much, they decide to get married. If they’re really book-lovers, the proposal happens IN the library, as with this couple, who got engaged thanks to a very special book: Stephanie of Read In a Single Sitting tells the story of her proposal, which […]

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A Texture the Facts Can't Convey: An Interview with Susanna Daniel

In this conversation with FWR’s Laura Valeri, Susanna Daniel discusses her debut novel, the fictional memoir Stiltsville, and shares her insights on the process of writing, the power of quiet stories—which she terms eminently readable—and the perseverance and faith that writers must nurture for their own work.