Suspend Your Disbelief

Elizabeth Earley


Elizabeth Earley’s stories and essays have appeared in Hayden’s Ferry ReviewThe First Line MagazineFugueHair Trigger, and Glimmer Train among other publications. Her debut novel, A Map of Everything, was a debut fiction finalist for the Lambda Literary Prize. Her second novel, Like Wings, Your Hands, won the Red Hen Press Women’s Prose Prize, the American Fiction Prize for best LGBTQ novel, was a finalist for the Publishing Triangle Ferro Grumley Award for LGBTQ Fiction, and is currently a finalist for the Foreword Indies Award in the same category.


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Re-Seeing Reality: An Interview with Teresa Milbrodt

“I want to help advance the kind of crip lit in which people with disabilities are living their lives and doing perfectly fine, to highlight and differentiate the times when disability does and does not matter.” Elizabeth Earley talks with Teresa Milbrodt about her new collection, Instances of Head Switching.