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The Collection Giveaway Project 2012

Short Story Month countdown: 7 days to May! Fiction Writers Review will host the third annual Collection Giveaway Project: a community effort by lit bloggers to champion great short story collections. The brainchild of Contributing Editor Erika Dreifus, 18 bloggers participated in the CGP 2011, giving away dozens of collections. How to participate in The Collection Giveaway Project: (1) Blog about a recently published short story collection (or two, or three). Long or short, review or rave. Only rule: you, the blogger, read and loved the book(s). (2) Offer a copy (or copies) as a giveaway to one lucky commenter. […]

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Book blog recommendations

I love getting recommendations for blogs about reading. I love lists, year-end or otherwise, of people’s favorite books, and I love to dip into someone else’s reading list for a moment, to get a glimpse of great titles out there that I haven’t even heard of yet. And I also love snark. So while this post is a call for your book blogger recommendations, dear readers, I’ll recommend one of my own: Lazy Self-Indulgent Book Reviews. The author, “Lazy” is a late 20-something Canadian woman who went to Harvard, made a bunch of money working for a hedge fund, and […]