Suspend Your Disbelief

Marti Boone Mattia


Marti Boone Mattia received her MFA in creative writing from Pacific University in 2015 and is close to completing her first novel. Her writing background is primarily journalism and oral history, and her nonfiction book Conversations with George Bush: Beyond Polls and Partisanship (Brown Books) was published in 2005. However, she recently discovered she prefers the truths accessible through fiction. Her story “No Moon Night” was selected for the current issue (#23) of New Ohio Review. Mattia divides her time between New York City and Austin, and spends a lot of time listening to strangers in airplanes.  Mostly she loves this.


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Stories We Love: “On This Day You Are All Your Ages,” by Jack Driscoll

“Driscoll was a poet before turning to fiction. Poetic language is dreamlike, and therefore suited to close narration. And Driscoll’s elegant language anchors the reader in the haunting dream.”