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Halloween lit

We don’t usually think of Halloween as a “reading” kind of day, but I can think of at least a couple of Halloween-related stories. In Lorrie Moore’s classic short story “You’re Ugly, Too,” a history professor escapes her life by visiting her sister over Halloween weekend–to attend what may be the most painfully awkward Halloween party in literature: Zoe put on her bonehead. […] When Earl arrived, he was dressed as a naked woman, steel wool glued stretegically to a body stocking, and large rubber breasts protruding like hams. “Zoe, this is Earl,” said Evan. “Good to meet you,” said […]

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Costume ideas… for your books

So you’ve figured out what to be for Halloween. But why shouldn’t your books get in on the fun, too? The website Facsimile Dust Jackets sells reproductions of early-edition dust jackets, sized to fit whatever book you want–so you can “dress up” your volumes for Halloween or year-round. Here’s the cover of Of Mice and Men: Or why not let your staid dictionary let its hair down and disguise itself as Barney O’Hara: Trapper? If these are out of your budget, you can always make your own book costumes–uh, I mean, dust jackets. Craft blog Hydrangea Girl has a how-to. […]

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Literary Halloween Costume Ideas

Going to a Halloween party this weekend? Here’s a roundup of costume ideas–literary, of course! Last year, LitDrift published a great list, including some clever ideas: Gulliver from Gulliver’s Travels: This one will evoke true fright, since we all know how terrifying it is to be tied down by hundreds of miniature Lilliputians. Use a simple outfit for the base: oxford shirt and slacks pushed up to reveal your socks. Then add the finishing touch by attaching a bunch of little army men to string and pinning them all over your body so that they are hanging down at all […]

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scary, scarier, scariest

Happy Halloween! If you’re looking for creepy literature or inspiration on All Hallow’s Eve, here are some recommendations (and warnings): – The Baltimore Museum of Art is currently featuring an exhibit of paintings — some by renowned artists like Gauguin and Matisse — inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. This is only one event in Nevermore, Baltimore’s year-long celebration of Poe throughout 2009 (in January, Poe would have turned 200). Tonight at the Strand Theatre (1823 N. Charles Street), see David Keltz read/perform as Poe, and afterwards, grab a pint at the Annabel Lee Tavern. For a full list of […]