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Is the Times giving up on fiction?

Image credit: Literary Kicks Every week for the past two months, I’ve played a game where, on Sunday mornings, before I open the New York Times Book Review, I try to guess how many more books of nonfiction than fiction it will review. Fiction is consistently outnumbered, and don’t even get me started on the Book Review’s nearly nonexistent poetry coverage. But the past week surprised even this pessimistic grouch—only TWO fictional works are reviewed in the January 8, 2012 edition, plus Marilyn Stasio’s excellent crime reviewlets, in contrast to ELEVEN nonfiction works. The two fiction reviews are both skimpy […]

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weekly dream cast: Netherland / book giveaway

EDIT 10-3-08: This competition is now extended through OCTOBER 31, 2008 to give Netherland fans a chance to ponder the perfect cast. In the meantime, tell FWR what books you’d like to see in future dream-cast competitions by commenting here. Every Friday, FWR lets you dream-cast a film adaptation of a widely-read book. First up: Joseph O’Neill’s critically acclaimed Netherland. Who would play Hans? Chuck? Rachel? Jake? Eliza? Any smaller characters? [For the hardcore film people out there: who would write the screenplay? who would direct?] Comment with your picks by 10 PM this Sunday night (Sept. 28) and be […]