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Thursday Morning Candy – 826's Online Stores

To thousands of young students, those three little digits mean one thing: writing. Yesterday, we put the spotlight on the Ministry of Stories in London, so for this week’s Thursday Morning Candy, it seemed only appropriate to showcase a fun way to support the organization that started it all: 826. 826 is becoming prominent enough that you might be thinking, “Old news… Heard it!” (For those unfamiliar with 826 and their work, a quick primer can be found on the national organization’s website.) But did you know that the 826 branches sell many of their “products” online? The Pirate Store […]

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Literary Gifts #1: EWN's Holiday Shopping Guide and more

During this holiday season, many FWR contributors and readers enjoy giving friends and family gifts of the literary variety: novels we know they’d love, subscriptions to lit magazines or journals, a Kindle or Nook, blank notebooks, the perfect pen, novelist-friendly software like Scrivener. Want some inspiration? We’ll be linking to bookish gift ideas throughout the holiday season. Be sure to visit the Emerging Writers Network frequently over the next month: the site has just kicked off its Holiday Shopping Guide; in the EWN’s most recent newsletter, Dan Wickett tells us the guide will feature numerous posts (at least one a […]