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Making the Past Present: An Interview with Patrick Hicks

“When it comes to the Holocaust and the Apollo program, we have an added sense that they both seem impossible. These two events represent the worst of what we are capable of doing to each other, and also the best of what we are capable of doing together.” Hannah Redder talks with Patrick Hicks about Nazi concentration camps, America’s space program, and his second Holocaust novel, In the Shadow of Dora.

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Looking to Find Meaning in Instability: A Conversation with Megan Cummins

“I saw a parallel in the way the body attacks itself in an autoimmune disease to the way guilt attacks the mind. The bodies of many of these characters define, in some ways, the boundaries of their lives.” Alexander Tilney talks with the most recent Prairie Schooner Book Prize winner, Megan Cummins, about her short story collection If the Body Allows It.