Suspend Your Disbelief

Tom Bennitt


Tom Bennitt lives in Oxford, Mississippi with his girlfriend and his cat, Waylon. He is pursuing an MFA in Fiction at the University of Mississippi, where he holds a Grisham Fellowship. His short fiction has been published in River Walk Journal, Bewildering Stories, Twisted Tongue, and Burnt Bridge. Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, he graduated from Bowdoin College. In the past he worked in the pack house of a mushroom farm and the warehouse of a furniture store, where he operated a forklift. It’s always a tough call, but his three favorite books would have to be Joe by Larry Brown, Snow Angels by Stewart O’Nan, and Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find.


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Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives, by Brad Watson

There are no zombies or vampires in Brad Watson’s new collection, Aliens in the Prime of Their Lives (W.W. Norton, 2010), but there are plenty of folks who act like they’re either dead or from another planet. And, yes, many of Watson’s characters are “aliens”—not green creatures with large heads, but alienated, isolated. They are people who wander through life without an anchor, who don’t feel the pull of gravity.

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