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The Histories We Tell: An Interview with Elizabeth Huergo

“When you live in a nation that has been politically destabilized by outside forces, anything is possible. I know what it’s like firsthand for a government to fall, for a system to collapse. If you’ve lived in a society where that has happened, there is nothing ‘magical’ about that ‘realism”: Elizabeth Huergo talks with Melissa Scholes Young about her debut novel, The Death of Fidel Pérez.

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The Mystery of Fiction: An Interview with Ana Menendez

Viva Cuba! Myth, magic, ghostly remains: Ana Menendez’s latest story collection, Adios, Happy Homeland! shadows people on the run from their circumstances and themselves. The journalist and Pushcart Prize-winning author talks communal bonds, fictional bibliographies, the elusiveness of identity, and much more.

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How to Leave and Why You Stay: An Interview with Jennine Capó Crucet

When The Clash asked the question “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Jennine Capó Crucet had an answer. In How to Leave Hialeah, Crucet’s debut short story collection, characters wrestle with how the places they’re from shape their identity, how to grow beyond them, and why leaving is sometimes the only answer.