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Bookish Gift Idea #27: Movies about fiction writers

Fiction writers in real life are not usually much fun to watch at work–we sit quietly in the corners of coffee shops or in cramped little offices, hunched over our computers or notebooks, quietly talking to ourselves or making faces as we block out our scenes. But in movies, fiction writers are glamorous, exciting, and even heroic. How about one of these movies for the writer in your life? Capote Stranger Than Fiction As Good As It Gets Miss Potter Adaptation Midnight in Paris Wonder Boys Becoming Jane The Hours Breakfast at Tiffany’s Atonement Finding Neverland At the very least, […]

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Ode to Barton Fink

I first watched Barton Fink years ago in Chicago, and wasn’t sure what to make of it. It’s one of the Coen brothers’ lesser-watched films. John Turturro plays the title character, hired to write a Hollywood script, and his rendition of writer’s block still makes me want to crawl out of my skin. The wallpaper peels, his neighbor Charlie at the Hotel Earle (a genius turn by John Goodman) interrupts him, Barton loses himself in a picture of a woman on the beach that hangs on his hotel room wall. People may debate the symbols of the movie itself, but […]