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Subject Position as Craft Tool: An Investigation (Part I: Gurganus’s “Blessed Assurance”)

“The focus here isn’t on point of view, but on positioning: a way of thinking about who a character is as well as who they are in relation to the others in the world of the story.” In part I of this essay on subject position in fiction, Leah De Forest explores Allan Gurganus’s “Blessed Assurance.”

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You Write Toward the Joy: An Interview with J.T. Bushnell

“I started this novel because I wanted to write about pick-up basketball, because I loved it, and I didn’t understand why it felt almost holy in my memories…I just wrote about the love and the fulfillment of that experience, and it exposed other things—darker things, more painful things.” Walter Moore talks with J.T. Bushnell about his debut novel, The Step Back.

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Our Full Humanity: A Conversation with Deesha Philyaw

“Like my predecessors, I want to show us grappling, resisting, and (hopefully) healing, to show our full humanity in a country that was not designed with our freedom in mind, and in which those freedoms are still threatened, daily.” Deesha Philyaw talks with Melissa Scholes Young about her award-winning collection, The Secret Lives of Church Ladies.