Suspend Your Disbelief

Nick Ostdick


Nick Ostdick is a husband, runner, writer, and award-winning journalist currently residing in Western Illinois. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Southern Illinois University and is the editor of the anthology Hair Lit, Vol 1 (Orange Alert Press, 2012). He’s a frequent contributor to Fiction Writers Review, the winner of the Viola Wendt Award for Fiction, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His stories, interviews, and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming  in Annalemma Quarterly, Exit 7, The Emerson Review, Big Lucks Quarterly, Bookslut, and elsewhere.


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Coming Through in a Storm: An Interview with Peter Anderson

It wasn’t until Peter Anderson began commuting by train from Joliet for his job in the heart of Chicago’s downtown financial district that he unearthed perhaps the most valuable aspect for any fiction writer: time. Nick Ostdick speaks with Anderson about his debut novel, Wheatyard, and how he turned his scribblings during his daily commute into the beginnings of a literary career.

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Stories We Love: “The Archetypes Girlfriend” by Elizabeth Crane

I’m not the kind of bibliophile who owns multiple copies of the same book—first editions, paperbacks, reprints, limited editions, and so on. I’ve never really had the living space to accommodate such a habit, but more over my books are littered with margin notes, end notes, notes for stories I’m working on, notes for stories I want to work on, so many red and blue-inked annotations that purchasing a new copy of Salinger’s Nine Stories or Dybek’s The Coast of Chicago would feel like cheating on the marked-up copies, betraying some long-term, intimate relationship. So there was no reason to […]