Suspend Your Disbelief

Lauren Hall


Lauren Hall is a Philadelphia-based freelance writer. She is a columnist at Bookish and a contributor to Fiction Writers Review and Metropolis Philadelphia. Her prose poetry is forthcoming inNANO Fiction. A graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, she is currently at work on a collection of prose poetry. Please visit her at


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The Debutante, by Kathleen Tessaro

A tale of two Londons—present-day and the glitter and doom of the 1920s and 30s—and a shoebox containing a mystery lie at the heart of Kathleen Tessaro’s delectable fourth novel, The Debutante. Lauren Hall calls the book a “fast-paced and enjoyable ride,” equal parts historical mystery and smart, gossipy love story.

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Vampires are People, too: An Interview with Janice Eidus

NPR’s Marion Winik has called Janice Eidus’s latest novel, The Last Jewish Virgin, “Twilight…with a sense of humor, a brain, and a feminist subtext.” At the Algonquin hotel, Eidus talks with Lauren Hall about paying homage to—and reinventing—the vampire myth; judging a book by its cover; and writing longhand in the mountains of San Miguel de Allende.

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My Kindle, Myself

It was cold and white and looked not unlike a refrigerator for guinea pigs. It had far too many buttons. It stalled for an annoying millisecond when flipping between pages. There was no way I would ever be able to suspend my disbelief and fully enter the world of a book.

And then, somewhere over Georgia, I changed my mind.

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Between Here and April, by Deborah Copaken Kogan

Bestselling memoirist Deborah Copaken Kogan (Shutterbabe) pens a haunting literary murder mystery; Between Here and April is the story of Elizabeth Burns, a former journalist turned urban mom, who goes looking for answers about the disappearance of a childhood friend and winds up tangled in questions she hoped never to answer.